Request an Appointment

Request an Appointment

We will get you back on your feet and ankles fast. Our friendly staff is waiting for your call or online request.

Use the convenience of our web site to request an appointment and save yourself a few extra “steps”!  We will make every effort to get you in to see our doctors fast, guaranteed.  If there is a delay you may email the staff, call, use our portal or even email our clinical director.

“I personally don’t believe in waiting 2 months , 2 wks, or even more than 2 days to see a doctor when you need one. Concierge access without the fees. ” Dr. Kevin Lam, clinical director.
Request an appointment online by using the PATIENT PORTAL, your self service web tool.

Our office will contact you soon upon receiving your completed request.


Call us at our office at (239) 430-3668 option 2 for scheduler.
Our operators at option #2 are open Monday through Saturday 7am until 7pm Eastern Standard Time.
Emergency patients always welcome! 





At FFLC we take pride in taking care of our patients and making it easy for you to see us. Most patients are scheduled the same day or very next Monday through Friday We now offer you both the phone call way as well as using an electronic format via the patient portal in order to get in touch with us.


If you are a new patient you can call between 7am until 7pm Monday to Saturday, 239 430 3668 option 2 to schedule an appt Electronically: You can also request an appt anytime 24 hours a day by signing up for our patient portal and a staff will get back to you during business hours to help you schedule your appt.

Established patients:welcome back.

You can call between 7am until 7pm Monday to Saturday, 239 430 3668 option 2 for our receptionist. Electronically: An established patient can reschedule, schedule your appt, may do so via the patient portal

What If I’m established, seen an FFLC doctor but don’t have a patient portal account yet? You can easily sign up for an account by clicking patient portal